Medical Marijuana Delivery & More in Traverse City

At HerbN Meds we value Patients over Profits. We are here to keep you well educated and well medicated. We offer many conveniences and services to our medical marijuana patients and MMMP caregivers including:


Northern Michigan’s friendliest MMMJ educators

In order to provide the level of custom care we take pride in, we must first meet with all prospective patients to discuss the nature of their needs. After we discuss their condition and the options available, we explain in detail the benefits specific products, strains, active compounds and their purpose. If you or your patients are unfamiliar with cannabis and its methods of administration, we are here to provide hands-on instruction and samples to help find your ideal medication. We also provide an online reference in our ever-growing Med-ucation portal!


We know it can be difficult to travel, especially if you are in need of your medication. We are proud to offer regularly scheduled delivery to all of our patients in the greater Grand Traverse area, and will deliver up to your legal maximum as often as you need it.


Dialing in the strength and terpene profile of your medication is just as important as the quality. It’s no fun to be overmedicated! Based on the results of your medication consultation, we will create custom edibles and topicals catered to your needs. We can also select new strains that are rich with the benefits you need if we do not have any on hand.


Cookies, brownies, oils, butters, even pizzas! We love medibles, and we love supplying our patients with these tasty treats. While we don’t always keep them on hand due to their short shelf life, we love to set up regular deliveries with edible products custom made for you. If there is a treat you like, let us know, and we can get you bunches of it as often as you’d like.