We set out 10 years ago with the mission to improve the quality of life for those with serious illnesses; arthritis, chronic pain, cancers, digestive issues, and more, that could all be helped by the healing powers of Medical Cannabis and its derivative products. Our founder was called to duty, realizing the healing nature of cannabis after developing a topical product that greatly helped his mother’s arthritis.

We utilize organic, sustainable methods of growing – never using bottled fertilizers and harmful pesticides. Our patients receive products that contain high percentages of terpenes & cannabinoids that specifically combat their ailments using the most effective delivery methods such as edibles, topicals, oils, or flowers.

Our caregivers are warm, helpful, and compassionate towards the needs of those under our care. Putting the interests of our patients first is very important to us – we take the title of Caregiver very seriously. We are happy to go great lengths to make sure that our disabled or elderly patients are well cared for, and offer many patient services such as home delivery, shopping assistance, & more.