Finding a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Traverse City

Finding a good caregiver is like finding a good doctor, therapist, or any other medical provider. There are several factors to consider before you sign up with just anyone.

Considerations for your health

MMMJ caregivers operate on all sorts of levels. Some caregivers source their medicine on the black market and resell it to unwitting patients. Others (like us) grow their own in a dedicated facility, so the quality and medical potential can be guaranteed. Some caregivers act as little more than common drug dealer, operating under the guise of legal status. Some (like us) are very professional and offer numerous patient services. Will your caregiver deliver? Will your caregiver offer custom medication compounding? Will your caregiver have the knowledge to treat your specific ailments? If you work with HerbnMeds, the answer is yes.

Finding a caregiver

There are many services online and locally that can connect you with a medical marijuana caregiver. We recommend visiting patient advocacy groups, compassion clubs, and getting involved in your MMMP community. If you’ve already found us, why not give us a call!